[Review] Is Realme X3 worth it to buying in 2021 for gaming & streaming ? Best flagship smartphone under 22k with Snapdragon 855+ processor !

So guys, welcome you all in this post and today I am going to share my views on Realme X3, because the price of this Smartphone has dropped under 22k (22,000 Indian Rupees). This Smartphone is a flagship level device, so if you think to buy this device in 2021 read this full post carefully before buying.

[Review] Is Realme X3 worth it to buying in 2021 for gaming & streaming ? Best flagship smartphone under 22k with Snapdragon 855+ processor !
If you think to buy Realme X3 in 2021 because this device has a flagship level chipset and this chipset can handle the tasks very easily. So guys we were going into deep that what thing that you get from this device because previously this is smartphone is available at 25k (around 25000 Indian rupees) but there is a price drop of this Smartphone on Flipkart. This Smartphone is available in 22000 Indian rupees and if you buy the greater variant that is realme X3 super zoom you can buy around 24000 Indian rupees. Previously Realme X3 super zoom was available around 28000 rs. If you purchase this you can get a 4000 rupees discount on this device, but many peoples thinks about should they buy this device or not ? Because this is not a 5G smartphone, although it is the only smartphone having Snapdragon 855 plus processor in a budget, and it is the cheapest Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile and this device is also best for gaming and streaming, before we were going to the main conclusion now we will see the full specification of this device with the basic overview of this device.

Basic Overview And Specs
We will talk about the starting range price that is the starting variant which is available at around 22,000 Indian rupees in Realme days sale on Flipkart. We will not cover the full specification of this device & for full specification you can check it on Flipkart. Likewise, we will go through only basic overview and key specs of the device. You can choose and go for higher variant according to your budget.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ Processor with Adreno 640 GPU
This Smartphone is come with the flagship level processor that is Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 plus processor, and it is the high in processor for gaming and multitasking you can play and enjoy the game in extreme level graphics without any lag.

6 GB RAM | 128 GB ROM
This device is having 6gb Ram and 128 GB internal storage and thus is urine is enough for medium to high level gaming, and you can do multiple task on this device, but the internal memory is 128 GB ROM only you cannot expand the with Micro SD card because there is no any Micro SD card slot is given in this device.

16.69 cm (6.57 inch) Full HD+ Display
This device comes with 6.5-inch full HD plus display with a 120Hz screen refresh rate. So you can enjoy the full smoothness display on this smartphone, but the display is not an Amoled display it is an LCD display.

64MP + 12MP + 8MP + 2MP | 16MP + 8MP Dual Front Camera
The camera quality of the device is nice and the selfie and back camera is very good, although the higher variant that is the Super Zoom Edition having 32 megapixels + 8 megapixel dual front camera with 60x zoom, this is the only camera difference between the starting variant and the higher variant.

4200 mAh Battery with 30w fast charge
The battery performance is also good in this device with 30 watt fast charge, it can fully charge your device around 60minutes.

  • It is the best flagship level device in a budget segment of 22k.
  • Only device which comes with Snapdragon 855 plus processor in this price range.
  • Display is good which comes with 120Hz refresh rate which is very good for gaming.
  • The Camera is very good, and you can record videos up to 4K 60fps.
  • 30 watt charging is very decent in this price range.
  • This device comes with liquid cooling system which is very good for gaming.
  • No headphone jack is given in this device. So if you want to use a headphone you have to separately buy USB type C to 3.5 mm jack converter.
  • This is not a future proof device because it is a 4G device, and it doesn't support 5G which is coming in upcoming years in India.
  • The display is quite good, but it is not an Amoled display.
  • There is no any Micro SD card slot is given in this Smartphone, so you cannot expand the memory.

Main Conclusion
Now coming to the main conclusion if you want to purchase this device for gaming and streaming purpose you can buy this device because it is a very cheap device which is coming around 22k having a flexible level processor you can also play games in extreme graphics without any lag and shutter in the device and people talk about the PUBG graphics, you can play PUBG Mobile in HDR extreme. This device also supports 90fps, so you can enjoy the PUBG Mobile in 90 FPS because of the display of the device is having 120 hertz refresh rate. And remember this is not a future prove device because it is come with 4G, and it doesn't support 5G but if you satisfied with 4G speed definitely you can buy this device and this device It can help you for decent level of gaming and of course you can stream games with the help of this device.
So this device is work is too fine for gaming and streaming, and you can use if this device in your daily basis routine and this device is very good for gaming and productivity tasks, I will definitely assure you can buy this device without any hesitation.

Note:- They price may vary, this is the discounted price shown in this post (Which is in Realme Days offer on Flipkart). So without offer the price of the item may fluctuate because of the Realme Days offer date is limited.

So guys that's all for today and if you live is post you can follow us on social media and if you have any problem regarding this post you can comment in the comment box. Finally, you guys are awesome... Thank you.

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