Is mobile's default (primary) browser are safe for browsing and privacy ? They are safe for personal security ? Better than Google Chrome ?

Hello friends, welcome you all in Motion Hi-Tech and today in this post we will discuss the mobile's primary or default browser which comes with smartphone as a bloatware they are safe for browsing and our privacy or not ? Is the browsers are better than Google Chrome ?

Is mobile's default (primary) browser are safe for browsing and privacy ? They are safe for personal security ? Better than google chrome ?

So friends let's go to the main point that the browsers which comes with default in the smartphone, they are safe or not ? I think you already have seen the mobile brand's primary browser like MI Browser, Realme Browser, Vivo Browser etc. Because as we all know that this all is Chinese mobile brands and because of these we have some doubt in our mind regarding these browsers and one thing also there that if we open any link in our smartphone the link opens default by these browsers. We all know that the Chrome is the best and safest browser to use in any Android smartphone but if you think the Chinese mobile app Browser may steal your data you are right, but I think it's ok you can use this browser only for suffering internet and browsing something, but can we fill forms ? And use these Chinese Browser as default mobile browser ? Is safe for us or not ? Previously there were so many cases about Chinese hackers that they steal many people's data very easily. Now we will discuss these things in a deep that which is the best mobile browser for us to suffer the internet with high security ? There are lots of third-party browser are available on the internet and provide us many features in it, but using that features provided by the third part browsers are safe for us or not ? So let's talk about this thing in a detail.

Is Mi Browser, Realme Browser, Vivo Browser etc. Are Safe ?
These all browsers are smartphone's bloatware which comes with the smartphone by default but using these Browsers by default may upload your data and privacy on the Chinese server and these all brands are Chinese brands and these all browsers are also a Chinese mobile app Browser. So if you're browsing something on the internet and doing some work online in this browser, your data may upload on Chinese servers. You may also notice about this all brand having their custom mobile backup platforms for example:- Xiaomi has its own Mi cloud server, where you can store your mobile data such as photos, videos, notes and document etc. But if you upload something, or you take backup of your personal data in Xiaomi cloud your all data will be uploaded on MI cloud, I previously told you that these all are Chinese mobile companies and Chinese brands, so you can think that you are uploading on Chinese servers ? Previously there are so many cases about the Indian user's data uploaded by some Chinese Browser on their Chinese servers.
For the privacy of the Indian peoples the Indian government has banned so many Chinese apps. You know better about what to use and what can harm you ? There are so many at Browser which are banned by Indian government due to security and privacy of the country and the people.

They are better than Google Chrome ?
In simple and straight forward I said "no" they are not better than Google Chrome. They may provide you some additional features which are not in Google Chrome but if you find that they all are not good for security purpose. Using the Chinese browser may lose your data and privacy. So simply you can set your default mobile browser as Google Chrome, and it is one of the safest and Fastest web browser which I personally use.

Main Conclusion
Coming to the main conclusion of this topic, is mobile primary browsers are safe for browsing and our privacy or not ? So after reading the above paragraph you know better what to use or not but one thing I will suggest you that if you're doing normal tasks like searching something watching videos and listening music you can do with these browsers but if you are doing your work and tasks like filling forms digital, marketing etc, use Google Chrome only. Because it is the safe Browser for your data and privacy.
These all Chinese browsers are not safe for personal security. So do not use these browsers for any social media browsing and do not do any payment related things with these browsers and do not enter any personal data in these Chinese mobile browser.
The MI Browser, Realme Browser, Vivo Browser are not better than Google Chrome, they may provide you some extra features, but I think for security purpose you should use Google Chrome. They all are not better than Google Chrome so don't think about to use these Chinese app Browser.

Hopefully guys, you like this post and if you have any problem regarding this post you can comment the comment box and finally you guys are awesome... Thank you.

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