[REVIEW] Quantum USB Sound Card - The cheapest sound card in 2021 ? Can we use it for basic sound recording ?

Hello guys welcome you all in this blog and today in this post we will discuss Quantum USB Sound Card, and it is a basic sound card for sound recording. Now we will talk about this sound card in details and I will show you how to use it for sound recording. So without wasting any time let's start.

[REVIEW] Quantum USB Sound Card - The cheapest sound card in 2021 ? Can we use it for basic sound recording ?

So guys this is one of the best and cheapest sound card that you can use for basic sound recording and this sound card is available under Rs. 150. So I think if you're searching for any basic sound card for audio recording then this sound card may best for you. This sound card is supported on computers and Smartphones also. If you want to use this in your Android device then you need an OTG cable to connect it in your smartphone. For best sound quality I suggest you to use this sound card on your computer. Many of you are having a laptop, and it has only one 3.55 mm audio jack, so you cannot connect external microphone in your laptop, and you can't use any external microphone. But with the help of this sound card you can connect a headphone +  microphone in your laptop. This sound card has 2 pin slots where you can plug 1 microphone (for sound recording) and 1 headphone (for listening audio). Here, in the given picture you can clearly see the actual image of this sound card. Now let's discuss how to use it in the computer ?

Review And Features

  • Supports on both Computer and Smartphone
  • Drives 2-channel speaker and supports 3D sound environment
  • 5.1 channel output sound effect supported
  • No external drivers are required, simply plug and play drives
  • No external power supply needed to run this sound card

[REVIEW] Quantum USB Sound Card - The cheapest sound card in 2021 ? Can we use it for basic sound recording ?

It is very easy to use and anybody can use this sound without any problem because this sound card do not need any type of external drivers in your computer or laptop. You can plug in this device and use it on your system. Here in the given image you can clearly see, I have connected a microphone and headphone in the USB sound card. The red pin is for microphone and the black pin is for headphone. After connecting this, simply plug it in your computer or laptop and open your audio recording (mixing) software and start recording. In this way you can use this sound card in your smartphone also with the help of OTG cable. Now connect the OTG cable in your smartphone and plug this sound card in the OTG slot. After you are able to record your audio in your smartphone with the external microphone.

[REVIEW] Quantum USB Sound Card - The cheapest sound card in 2021 ? Can we use it for basic sound recording ?

I think, this is the best and cheapest sound card for home studio and if you want to use it for professional recording then you need to go for another sound card. But you want to use for any simple sound recording purpose then it is best for you in this price segment. The quality of the output sound provides this sound card is very good and the quality only not depends on the sound card only, it also depends on the microphone. So, overall this good sound card for budget users, and you can use it for making any tutorial videos, YouTube videos and other purposes like gaming etc. It is a basic sound card and if you are beginner in music production definitely you must use it for audio recording purposes. This sound card gives you an average output sound quality to medium studio quality sound.

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