Don't miss these offers after buying a new Asus laptop in 2021 !

Hello guys, welcome you all in this blog and today I am going to share you the best offers which are available for you, if you buy a new Asus laptop in 2021. These offers are for available for a limited period of time after you bought the laptop. So don't wait, let's see how to avail these offer.

Don't miss these offers after buying a new Asus laptop in 2021 !

So guys, when you buy a laptop online or offline from the market of any brand. Not all but some brands provides offers with the laptops and guys higher the price of laptop having a large amount of offers. Asus is one of them, if you bought an Asus laptop, the company provides you some offers that (you can extend the warranty of your laptop in very low price), (you can buy some computer accessories at a half of the price). So don't leave these offers and here in this post. I will show you how to avail these offers if you bought a new Asus laptop if you buy the laptop of different brand you can check the offers on the official site of that brand. I also have a new Asus laptop and after that I got some of the offers which comes with the laptop. So in this post I am going to share you how to register and get the offers provided by the Asus ? It is one of the most leading brand in India, and it provides the best laptops with the suitable range and I want to share something that these all offers which comes with your laptop they all are limited, and they will expire after the time of interval. So after buying the laptop you can check all the available offers within a day on the official website of the brand and choose your best offer according to your need and range. So without wasting any time let's discuss how to get these offers after buying an Asus laptop.

Steps To Get The Offers After Buying An New Asus Laptops

1. So guys in the first step, simply go to the official website of Asus for offers redemption and after that you click on the Register button which is on the top right side of the corner and click on the consumer offer.

Don't miss these offers after buying a new Asus laptop in 2021 !

2. After clicking on the consumer offer button a new page open on your screen and here you have to fill the form that required for registration. So choose your state, the date when you purchased your laptop and please not one thing, if you buy the laptop online (fill the date as given on the receipt at the time of product delivery) after that fill out the model number of your laptop and click on the submit button and remember that the purchase date of your laptop and the registration date when you fill out this form have gap between up to 10 to 12 days, because after 10 days approx. the offer may have expired, and it may show no offers available.

Don't miss these offers after buying a new Asus laptop in 2021 !

3. After successfully filling the form a new page opens on your screen, and it's shows the offer regarding your laptop and mark out the offers that you want and after that click on the proceed button and provide your mobile number which has registered on WhatsApp for registration and for further details all the messages will be sent to your WhatsApp number.

4. Now after, fill out all the necessary information regarding the proof of purchasing of your laptop. That is the receipt's photo, your laptop serial number's photo and all other information like your name, mobile number and email address for booking a ticket. Now after doing all the thing you will get your ticket number and please note down the ticket number. In the given photo you can see I have booked 1 TB external hard disk just rupees @ Rs. 1999 (where the actual price of this hard disk is around Rs. 4000) where you will be profited with Rs. 2000, and for ticket approval It will take up to 2 days.

Don't miss these offers after buying a new Asus laptop in 2021 !

5. So guys you have done most of the or steps & after your ticket is approved a payment link is sent to your Gmail account where you can do payment for which you have booked in the offers. After the successful payment you have to wait for some days for delivery and due to COVID-19 the delivery will may delay. So wait for it and for any queries and regarding the tracking of your package you can check your package with the help of your ticket number on the given website in (step 1). If you want to track your order or want to check the details of your order simply go to the official website as given in the step 1 and click on the ticket button which is at right side in the top and after that enter the ticket number and OTP will send on your WhatsApp numbers, so enter the OTP and all the details of your order will show on your screen

So guys that's all for today and if you have any queries regarding this force you can comment in the comment box and finally you guys all are as some thank you

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