Best software to start learning Music Production ? From which software beginners can start learning ?

Hello guys, welcome you all and today we will discuss the best software to start learning music production for beginners. In the market a lot of music making software are available. But in this post we will discuss the best one, and I will suggest you the best software that helps you to make music in a very easy way.

Best software to start learning Music Production ? From which software beginners can start learning ?

It is not impossible to learn music production on your own because everything that you will ever need to know it's available online, then why is it that many people still find it so difficult to do so that we can see there is so much information out there and there are so many topics to cover that you don't know where to start, and you will not know where to go next. I have noted down some things that will help you learn music production on your own in a very structured and organized way. We will be coming up the first thing that you need to know before you get started is Set up a home Studio. Now everything that you are going to learn and study it has to be implemented immediately so that you will understand that particular topic or technique better now setting up of home Studio is not very difficult in this day and age. The next step is more important than this it is scheduled on your own being organized and systematic is the key to understand that just because you're not going to a formal college doesn't mean that you can take your own time and do things at your own pace. Now this is much harder than being in a college because your own boss and if you're kind of you know not stick around your schedule then the only person who is going to lose is you so keep that in mind six months is what I recommend make a timetable write down the topics from the curriculum that you downloaded and set them and write them with date that which day and date you're going to study from what time to what time and why not doing that also keep in mind that you should also alot some time to practice it on your home Studio.

Which software beginners can start learning ?

If you are a beginner so here are the top five music production software (DAW) that you can use. I am not going into the detail about all these softwares because these softwares having a lot of features in it and described in single post, but I will give you the suggestion about all these softwares in a summarized way.

1. Abelton Live

2. Apple Logic Pro X (Mac)

3. FL Studio

4. Cubase

5. Garageband (Mac)

Although there are lots of software that are available in the market which are having a lot of tools and very good interface but here in which post I will share you the top best software that are very famous in the music industry and if you want to learn you can start learning music with the help of these softwares. I also suggest you the best software from which you can start learning.

Conclusion- Which is Best ?

In a simple and straightforward words I will suggest you to start with "FL Studio" because FL Studio is one of the best software that you can use as a beginner for music making. This software is having a simple interface, and it provides a lot of tools and plugins which are very simple to use and operate. Beginners can easily learn the things in a very easy way in FL Studio. Although Ableton Live is also a very good software in using making industry but when you compare Ableton Live with FL Studio. FL Studio is best for learning for beginners because it is the software which provides for basic to professional level music making. And Abelton Live is a professional music making software which are also widely used in the music industry and if you want to learn to make music in a budget segment you may not afford an Apple laptops. So in song making and music making, FL Studio is having a very wide range of VST plugins and lots of extra features. If you want to learn FL Studio there are a lot of lectures tutorials available on the YouTube. So you don't need to pay anything for learning FL Studio, from YouTube you can learn all lots of things and there are a lot of producers which makes tutorials about FL Studio. So in my opinion you can start music making with FL Studio software and don't go through other software. Because this software having the best interface that you can easily get without any problem & I personally use FL studio for my on music production and believe me this is the best software that I have ever used in music production.

Guys, I am here to help, and it is obvious that you will get stuck somewhere you will not understand certain things in that case feel free to drop a comment in the comment box and I will try to help you. I hope this post has helped you and again don't forget to follow us on social media for more such content... Happy learning. I will see you next.

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