Must Things To Check And Do After Buying A New Laptop From Flipkart/Amazon

Hello guys, welcome you all in Motion Hi-Tech. Today I am going to share you some best ideas and tips to check and do after buying a new laptop online form Amazon & Flipkart. Please read this post carefully because this will save your money and keep you away from online frauds.

Must Things To Check And Do After Buying A New Laptop From Flipkart/Amazon After [Nov 2020]

Firstly one thing, I would like to say that "Prevention Is Better Than Cure" and I think many of you guys have heard about this line. I am saying this line because many people who actually don't know about online marketing and online shopping and if they buy some big products, or they buy high range (price) products online for first time. They need to pay attention because buying electronic products online without having any sufficient knowledge about it, you may lose your money. So if you already bought a laptop from online i.e., Amazon or Flipkart. Then you need to check something during delivery of your laptop and when you got your package in your hand because of guys it is very important to check the delivered product who you have brought online. So guys if you brought a laptop from the online market you need to check something, that is the replacement date because when the replacement date is over and if you find any damage or any other problem in your laptop then you cannot replace it. Without wasting any time let's start and know the things that we need to check after buying a new laptop online.

Things To Do /Check After Purchasing/Buying A New Laptop From Online

1. At the time of delivery of your package, make an unboxing video, guys I am not joking you have to make an unboxing video when the delivery agent gives you the package, at that time at that time you make an unboxing video of your laptop and in the presence of the delivery agents. Unbox and check the package, that the laptop is in the package or not in the front of your mobile camera. Why I am saying  this ? Because when you make an unboxing video you have a proof that what actually is in the delivered package and check is there any (body damage) in the laptop. So make sure that at the time of delivery you must check your product in the front of the delivery agent.

2. Second thing is that, you have to also check the package that, it is properly packed or not. Check the company's seal and also in the package you have got one more package that is the laptop brand's package makes sure that you have also check that seal. Is it available on the package or not ?

3. After that when you got a right item check all the accessories and parts which comes with the laptop that are available in the list and make sure that all the given accessories are in the box.

4. After that open your laptop, and try to boot up but in most cases it will not boot up because the company locked the battery for security purposes. So firstly, you have to connect the power adaptor to the power source and then plug the laptop, then click the power button to boot the laptop. And setup all the basic things in your laptop.

5. After setting off all the basic thing on your laptop. Now it's time for warranty registration, with the help of the receipt you got. You can register your product on the product's official website and during registration you need this receipt as a proof and some personal information. Every brand is having its official application in the laptop and with the help of the application you can also register your product and its warranty with the help of that application.

6. Now if you have a backlit keyboard in your laptop or RGB keyboard in your laptop check all the keys light and also checked is there any key's light is bleeding or not. You have to also check all the keys of your keyboard. Is working or not ? By pressing one by one to check all your keyboard keys on in your laptop.

7. Now it's time to check your system configuration of your laptop by right-clicking on taskbar and click on task manager and go to the performance tab where you can find your Processor, Ram and Graphic Card configuration, and now you have to check it, Is all the configuration that shows on your screen is right or not ?

8. This check is also very important for your laptop. Now this time we have to check the screen bleeding issue on your laptop. Now you can open any Black wallpaper in full screen mode on your laptop, and now see is there any light bleeding or not ? If there is small light bleeding on your screen it's ok, but it if it is more and its shows on normal screen (without any black screen), so you need to replace your laptop.

9. Now this time, you have to check ok all the ports given on your laptop and with the help of Mouse, USB card reader, LAN cable etc. You can check all the available ports in laptop one by one and also check your Laptop's touchpad with button is working fine or not.

10. Now is the last thing to check your laptop battery, after buying a new laptop you cannot find the actual performance of your battery, but after using of three to four days you can find the actual performance of your laptop's battery. In the first beginning days you have to use the full battery usage of your laptop for two to three times and charged it up to 100% after doing this 2 to 3 times, you can get the actual battery performance of your laptop and now with the battery performance you can exactly know that, Is the laptop battery is working normal or not ?

So guys, if your laptop Passes all the 10 steps... CONGRATULATIONS... You have successfully checked your laptop and there is no issue in your laptop. Now you can use your laptop in your daily life and there is no any need to replace your laptop. I think you got all the points, and the aim of this post is only to keep away you from online frauds to save your money and time. I hope you all guys like this post and even if you have any problem regarding this, you can comment below in the comment box and for more information you follow us on social media pages.

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