Top 5 Best VST Plugins For FL Studio || Every DJ Mixer Must Have These VST Plugins

Hello guys welcome you all in this blog in today in this post I am going to share you the VST plugin that every music producer should have this VST plugin. Because all are the basic and third party VST plugins.

top 5 best vst plugins motionhitech

Before starting make sure you have basic knowledge about music production software because in this post I am going to discuss some best plugins which you can install in your music production software like FL Studio, Nuendo 10,DAW etc.

What is a VST ?
VST (Virtual Studio Technology), is a dynamic link library (A DLL file) plugin developed by Steinberg. So guys in simple language VST plugins are the .dll files which only runs on Windows based computers or Mac. This types of software cannot Run in Android phones, basically it's come in the form of effects processor, drum machines or other instrument. It is also can be used for DJ Mixing and for music composition.
In this post I will discuss 5 best VST plugins which is very useful for you because with the help of these VST plugins you can create awesome type of musics in very less amount of time and I will also share some effects and controllers for you which can very helpful for audio editing.

Note:-These all plugins are listed in rank wise on the basis of the category given by the Professional Mixers. And these are suggested only for personal use.

Here are a 5 Best VST Plug-ins for every DJ Mixer/Re-mixer must have
The number wise lists of VST Plugins are given below with its features, uses and type of customization.

 #5  Nexus (Synth)

top 5 best vst plugins motionhitech

Nexus is one of the best VST for music production with the help of this VST you can make many types of Musics and Beats Samples. It is a premium type of VST, so it is not free you have to purchase the license but once you purchase you will get highly satisfied. I personally used this VST and believe me it is one of the best VST I ever used. Nexus allows to users to create a unique sounds with their latest additions to the Nexus engine there are lots of presets given in the VST which can be used during music production or beat making.

Special Features of this plugin
  • One of the best plugin which is widely used in the market is Nexus 2.
  • A simple adjustable interface for quick customization in a less amount of time.
  • If you don't know how to use it there are lots of online tutorials are available on this plugin.
  • Contents many of the instruments which are needed for music production and sound designing.
  • There are additional expansions sound effects are also available for this.

#4 Guitar Rig 5 (Effect)

top 5 best vst plugins motionhitech

Guitar Rig 5 is one of the best effect VST I have ever seen it is trending in market and this VST is made for effects modelling and developed by native instruments. It is primarily designed for electronic guitar and the software uses amplifier modelling to allow real time digital signal processing in both standard and Studio environment. You can also install this VST in FL Studio there are many type of preset present in this VST.

Special Features of this plugin
  • This plugin is fully customizable and having simple interface to control without any issue.
  • It is a type of MIDI controller in which simply plug the guitar and control it.
  • Having one of the best controllers to control and make the music track as you want.
  • Thousands of effects and sound banks are there to customize the sounds as you want.

#3 Sylenth 1 (Synth)

top 5 best vst plugins motionhitech

Sylenth 1 one of the best VST synthesizer that's takes the quality and performance of the sounds to a higher level, there are only very little software synthesizer which have been able to stand the quality of the sound stands for hardware synth. Sylenth is one of them. There are research has been invested in order to achieve the clarity the to ensure the highest level of usability, so you can only u unleash your creativity at higher level. There are many types of controller in Sylenth 1 that is oscillator, filters and one of the best master FX having. It is very useful for making a different type of beats to produce high quality musics and songs.

Special Features of this plugin
  • It is very famous for its simple interface to the users and provides high quality music without any issue.
  • Sylenth 1 is having lots of presets in it and having a thousand of sound banks, so user can so its creativity at different level.
  • Having lots of effects like Distortion, Flanger/Chorus, Equalizer, Phaser, Delay, Reverb, Compressor etc, to control and edit the sound as you want.
#2 Battery 4 (Synth)

top 5 best vst plugins motionhitech

Battery 4 is one of the most famous and trending VST in the market. It is one of the best product of native instruments. I also personally use this VST, and it is a synthesizer but believe me it is one of the best synthesizer I ever have been used, you can install it in FL Studio and make different types of Beats.

Special Features of this plugin
  • It is having already a many types of samples like drum kit and many types of kits and presets.
  • Battery 4 is having a lot of sounds, library, effects, expansions and sound banks. 
  • It is very useful in beat production to produce many types of beats and with the help of this VST you can supercharge your beats and make it your on beats and music.

#1 Swar Plug (Synth)

top 5 best vst plugins motionhitech

Swar Plug is considered at the first position because this VST is having approximately all types of Indian instruments and having lots of Indian samples are preset in it like Dhol, Tabla, Dholki and many more, this is my favorite VST and I would like to suggest you to use must consider this VST because of its high-quality sound and having a fantastic level of clearance in all the sounds. There are many types of controls in this plugin, and you can also customize each of the sounds that given in this VST Plugin.

Special Features of this plugin
  • With the help of this we see you can create high quality Indian music.
  • A lot of Indians instruments are given in this VST.
  • It is one of the best Indian VST used by the artists.
  • There are 80 + Indian instrument are there and in future developer also update it.
  • One of the best VST used in DAWs and in studios for music production.

So here are all the information about all these plugins and remember one thing these information and the features is given in this website is not official .it's a review and all the software and plugins credits goes to their respective owners.
If you want to know about a review on other software or different VST plugin, you can comment on this post or contact us.
So, guys that's all for this post if you like it then follow this website and if you have any query regarding this post you can comment your question in the comment box.

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